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  • May 18 2011 – thisisknit

    ... even though it's Wednesday

    Happy Monday! That's the name of Aoibhe Ní Suilleabháin's newest design, on display in the shop right now. It's a lovely thing, crocheted top down with raglan shaping, and the pattern is free! Like all top down garments, you can try it on easily as you go, ensuring an absolutely perfect fit. What's more, the stitch pattern is delightfully simple...

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  • April 14 2011 – thisisknit

    Psst! Want a sneak preview?

    The schedule of classes for May and June (lord, isn't this millennium going very fast?) will be posted here in a couple of days. We thought you might like a bit of a preview of some of what we're offering. If you're starting out in knitting or returning to it after a break, then our popular beginners' course might be...

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  • March 01 2011 – thisisknit

    The finishing stretch

    Last time, we looked at the very first stitches of a project. If this blog were a 1960s TV programme, the screen would go wiggly between that post and this, signalling "some time passes". How much time? Well, some garments are completed at white-hot pace, leaving their maker dazed and a little breathless. Some slip through a crack in time...

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  • February 15 2011 – thisisknit


    It happens to all of us. We start a new project, full of enthusiasm, and then find the lurking problem: the baffling instruction, the unencountered skill, the numbers that won't add up. Sometimes, though, chocolate isn't enough. This is where we come in. When the shop's quiet, we're delighted to answer quick questions, but some problems need time and concentration....

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