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Symmetry all over again

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  • March 29 2011 – thisisknit


    One of the most satisfying aspects of crochet and knitting is the possibility of getting a project exactly the way you want it. Sometimes that's a matter of following a pattern exactly, with the recommended yarn and even the colour from the photograph. Sometimes the published pattern is the jumping off point for something different. We have two beautiful pieces...

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  • March 04 2011 – thisisknit

    First love

    Less than a year ago, Nikki (nixx on Ravelry) taught herself to crochet. Like many new crocheters and knitters, she had a particular project in mind. Having learned the stitches, she started looking at patterns, but none of them were exactly right, so as the project took form in her mind, a number of different patterns were melded together to...

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  • February 22 2011 – thisisknit

    Awfully proud

    That's us. Yarn goes out of the shop in big quantities and small, in balls, in hanks, in bags. Seeing what it becomes makes us happier than you can imagine. Sometimes we get to see finished articles in solid form. The yarn comes back to visit us in the shop, all grown up into jumpers and socks and all manner...

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  • May 09 2009 – thisisknit

    Technicolour Toes!

    Absolute. Work(s). Of. Art. :) Twink's Wildfoote and Shepherd Sock, Lucy Neatby socks. They have it all going on - a sideways garter cuff, multicoloured bobbles, a Fleur de Lys stitch detail, honeycomb heel and stranded colourwork soles! Just incredible work :)

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