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Are You Looking for a Go-To Cardigan?

September 25 2019 – Nadia Coburn

Are You Looking for a Go-To Cardigan?

Are You Looking for a Go-To Cardigan?

The Girlfriends Cardigan by Ankestrick is a staple for your Autumn to Spring wardrobe. This sample, modelled by Jacqui, was knitted by staff member Joy, who is rather a whizz on the needles. We asked Joy all about the project and this is what she had to say:

The Girlfriends Cardigan:

I first came across the Girlfriends Cardigan by Ankestrick when I was looking on Ravelry for something else. I don’t think I’m the first person to do that! It just looked so elegant and yet so cosy, and in garter stitch too so a relaxing knit. Initially, I had my doubts about holding two yarns together and went on the hunt for a single yarn that would work. Then I noticed that The Fibre Company Meadow and Adriafil Kidseta matched the original yarns almost perfectly so then I just had to decide on the colour. I picked the light grey so it would go with everything! The construction of the cardigan is very clever. It starts out with an i-cord and the stitches for the back and fronts are picked up from the i-cord. Slipped stitches at the edges of the fronts creates a lovely finish for the opening of the cardigan and this technique is also used at the sides to create seams. Short rows are then used to adjust the length of the fronts before inserting the pockets. A really enjoyable knit and I’m thrilled with the result!

Girlfriends Cardigan e-book and charity

  This pattern is available as an ebook  that includes 3 interpretations of the same cardi. It is all about sharing a fun knitting experience with a friend AND helping people who are in a need. 100% of the profits from the ebook go directly to a Berlin school Schule am Zwickauer Damm that provides food and other services to refugees.  


In this sample, Joy chose to work with Adriafil Kid Seta (x 7) and The Fibre Co. Meadow (x 3) held together. The sweater is worked seamlessly from the top-down. You start working the back and shape it with short rows.  Then you continue to work the back in garter sts until the length of the armhole.  The stitches for the front are then picked up and you work both fronts alike until the length of the armhole. Join the fronts and back to work the body in garter sts and short row front shaping down to the bottom ribbing (or optional pockets).  Sleeves sts are picked up to work the sleeves in rounds. Pattern support has been kindly made available by the designer in both English and German here.      


Anke is based in Berlin, Germany where she loves to evolve sweater necklines and shoulders, knitted from the top-down, seamlessly in one piece. All patterns are related to that love, where the construction is part of and concept for the design. All for thefun of knitting a flattering and classic piece. You can find more of her designs here.   It's hard to believe but colder chills are starting to creep in and we are reaching for more and more accessories and sweaters. We are currently running a knit-along over on Ravelry here and if you want to join in all the information is in this post here. What accessories are you reaching for in the morning?



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