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February 02 2007 – thisisknit

Spring has arrived! And finally all those lovely new balls of yarn that had been waiting patiently in the stock room have had their moment in the sun. I'm quite picky about photographing our yarn in natural daylight, to the extent that I was checking out the Met Eireann website earlier this week so I could plan the best day to get some new products up on the website... So pop on over to the shop to view our latest updates. Oh, and it looks like we're in for a nice dry and bright weekend too! While I was at it, I took the opportunity to photograph some of the knitting that has been happening around here. Lion and Lamb Mobius We have my Mobius knitting from last week's class, which I got freakishly addicted to and, despite forgetting to bring it with me to the shop on Sunday, I had finished by Sunday night. The bad news is that it will be ripped out and re-knit shortly. I cast on too many stitches (the excitement of learning the technique induced temporary amnesia and the simple matter of gauge was forgotten) and I chose to knit river stitch as my reversible pattern. This stitch is lovely and very effective, but is probably better suited to something that will hang and stretch out to show the dropped stitches. The next version will more than likely be Roman Column lace, which Linda of the Drogheda Knitting group had swatched for and it looks stunning! Oh, it's in Lornas Laces Lion and Lamb, the Watercolour shade - last of a dyelot so it was mine to play with. :) Fetching Lakeview Jacqui knit another pair of Fetching from leftover Clapotis yarn. She just about got there with two inches to spare! This is the Lakeview shade of Shepherd Worsted. She is also knitting a pair of socks from Lakeview for Jamie, her grandson / my nephew. I can safely say this is her favourite colourway! sohohat.gif mrsbeeton2.gif mrsbeeton1.gif flora.gif But Antje has outdone us both with this collection of FOs that she brought to us last weekend. She claims she's a beginner but she's getting lots of help from friends in the UK via webcam and video chat, and considering she went away with some beautiful sock yarn I think she's well on her way to becoming a pro. The baby hat is a gift for a friend's child and is knit from Soho yarn and Cashmerino Chunky. The Mrs Beeton handwarmers (featuring Wool Cotton and Kid Silk Haze) are wonderfully delicate and practical all at the same time. And Knitty patterns feature again with Flora, in a combination of yarns, including Kid Silk Haze and Wool Cotton. We're really looking forward to the Lace Knitting Class tomorrow and hope to have some pictures of that for you soon. Happy weekend everyone!


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