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Take the stress out of swatching

Should you block first? How many stitches should you cast on? How do you know if you need to go up or down in needle size? All these questions (and more!) are answered in the Guide.

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Fantastic little shop

...with a wide range of yarn. But what really makes a difference is the kindness of the staff. I am an absolute beginner and came twice already. I've always been received with smiles, good advice and encouragement to keep going. Thank you so much for helping me grow my skills and go through my very first projects with me!!

Chloe F.

I braved the cold!

Visiting from the Cayman Islands, I braved the cold to find this delightful shop. Staff are an absolute delight. They took the time to make sure I got just what I needed for my project. Yarn is gorgeous and very different from what is available in the United States. I could have stayed there all day!

Renee Bernardo

Terrific and encouraging

This is a terrific Craft Shop. The staff know so much about knitting and crochet, and they are so happy to share it with ALL comers. They also encourage the small but growing number of men who are, or want to be involved in these crafts.

Peter Bates