It's all about a crazy little thing called yarn...

...and three women with an obsession for colour and natural fibres!

About Us

Dublin's destination yarn shop. Stocking quality, natural-fibre yarns of wool, silk, cotton, cashmere, and more - together with inspiring patterns and a wide range of tools and accessories. Our friendly and experienced team members are ready to help both in store and online. Home of Townhouse Yarns - Hand Dyed in Ireland. We ship worldwide!

We're a family-run small business, located in the centre of Dublin City in the beautiful surrounds of the Powerscourt Townhouse.  We've been on this magical fibre-filled adventure since Jacqui and Lisa set up their first market stall back in June 2006.

So what's next for This is Knit?

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The TIK Team


Most often seen knitting: Ever more intricate shawls...

Super power: Creating winning colour combinations

Coffee of choice: A triple shot Americano!


Most often seen knitting: Designs by Carol Feller

Super power: Kitchener Stitch & Finishing Techniques

Coffee of choice: Flat White


Most often seen knitting: Brioche, in all the colours of rainbow...

Super power: Dyeing yarn!

Coffee of choice: Large Cappucino


Most often seen knitting: Stylish hats, with the fluffiest of pom poms!

Super power: Customer service, and remembering everyone by name.

Coffee of choice: Cappucino


Most often seen knitting: With Townhouse Yarns.

Super power: Speed knitting - blink and Joy will have completed another project!

Coffee of choice: Tea! ;)


Most often seen knitting: Socks of all shapes and sizes

Super power: Keeping us all organised!

Coffee of choice: Latte