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April 14 2011 – thisisknit

The schedule of classes for May and June (lord, isn't this millennium going very fast?) will be posted here in a couple of days. We thought you might like a bit of a preview of some of what we're offering. If you're starting out in knitting or returning to it after a break, then our popular beginners' course might be the very thing. It takes place over three weeks, and the typical progression moves from the Mistake Rib scarf, a snuggly combination of knit and purl, to a stylish hat, knitted in the round in your choice of yarn, and then on to any number of projects - cardigans, jumpers, and even doorstops! If you're already comfortable with knit and purl, casting on and off, then why not take a class to acquire a new technique? We've got a wide range of intermediate classes to expand your skill set. For example, you could learn stranded colourwork, making a hat in the round which is far, far simpler than you need to tell anyone later. Fancy adding a bit of sparkle to your knitting? There's several ways to incorporate beads into your work, and our beaded knitting class covers them all. You can add just a little bling by adding a few subtle beads to the edge of a scarf (though if you want to add thousands to an evening sweater we're certainly not going to stop you...). If you've been smitten by a love for knitted lace and want to take it further, then why not try our advanced lace class? It covers working a square with a provisional cast on and a knitted-on edging, and talks about the basics of designing your own lace, so it's an excellent jumping off point for making your very own original lace. Perhaps you've mastered crochet basics and want to move on - why not try Irish crochet? If you're comfortable with chain, double and treble, you're ready for our class, which introduces you to Clones lace and working with multiple three-dimensional motifs. Like everything to do with yarn, it's far easier than it looks, and the results are stunning. Keep an eye on the classes page of the website for these and more (we've got more to tell you about here too over the next few posts), and if you want really advance notification of our class schedule, scroll down here and sign up for the This Is Knit newsletter. And if you're interested in a topic that doesn't appear in the current schedule, post a comment to tell us - we always want to know what you're interested in and will do our best to provide it.

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  • Leona: September 16, 2020
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    Love the scarf and the hats offered in the beginners/intermediate classes. Are the patterns available if you can’t do the class?

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