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May 07 2007 – thisisknit

So I have a collection of photographs that I've been itching to share with you. They're of customer knits and, of course, they're simply stunning. But I've been held back by a niggle. The niggle in the back of my head says that some of these photos were taken a while ago, before and during the move, and I'm a terrible person because I can't put names to all of the projects. But then we have a choice: to share or not to share. So I'm putting my hands up and owning up to having a Swiss Cheese brain. I'll try to give details where I have them, but if I miss something out, and you see your project here, then you can metaphorically raise your hand through a comment and claim ownership. We all love to see what our fellow knitters are up to and, even better, to hear about what you thought of a pattern, any alterations you made and any general wisdom you have to share. So hands up folks, join in! :) susanclapotis3.jpgsusanclapotis2.jpgsusanclapotis1.jpg I know this one! This is Susan's Lucious Clapotis in the Tuscany colourway of Lion and Lamb. As with any Clapotis, there mustbe at least three gratuitous and arty shots. Well done Susan - it's fab! tapmobius.jpg tapmobius.jpg Mary L shows she has well and truly been bitten by the Mobius bug, with this version in Rowan's softly transitioning Tapestry yarn. Mary chose a simple garter stitch version this time, which suits the variegated yarn perfectly. sofiafinished.jpg Incredibly, this is a nameless project. I can't quite believe that I haven't retained that info. What I do know is that this is Sofia from the new Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton/Stella Book, knit in Pure Cotton. motherlodescarf.jpg Mary has been busy as always and she treated herself to this version of a curly scarf. We think it's the short row scarf from "Scarf Style" but we're ready to stand corrected! The yarn is one skein of Lion and Lamb Motherlode. marysofiafini.jpgmarysofiabuttons.jpg Sofia has been popular! This is Mary L's version. We're looking for a bit of feedback on the buttons. Mary thinks they might be too dark and I said I'd canvass some opinion. What do you think? gerrainbowsock.jpg Aha, this one stands out, both on the page and in my head. Ger H did some great work at her Intro to Sock Knitting Class. She chose Shepherd Sock in the Rainbow colourway and we hear rumours her other half (Hi Gary!) is trying to fit his foot into this one! georginamossmatinee.jpggeorginahoodedjacket.jpggeorginagarterbear.jpg Georgina brought in this collection of beautiful baby knits. All are Debbie Bliss patterns in Baby Cashmerino yarn. The matinee coat and cabled jacket are from the first Baby Cashmerino pattern book and the cuter than cute Garter Stitch Teddy Bear comes from Debbie's new book Simply Family (available in the shop now and on the website soon). feltedbag.jpg> Found - picture of one gorgeous felted Kureyon bag. Lost - owner. Can you help? Edit: It's Reginas! Thanks for jogging my memory :) antjesock.jpgantjehatcmchunky.jpg Poor Antje's projects took a back seat to her "Yay Yarn!" fairy cakes a couple of weeks ago. How could we not share the proof that she is quickly becoming a master of sock knitting? She was also more than half way through her Cashmerino Chunky hat, with mistake rib edging. Can't wait to see the FO Antje! edelclapotis.jpgsecond-increase-section.jpg In further Clapotis news, Edel has been keeping a healthy balance between study and knitting. Edel has been making great progress with her version in the Motherlode colourway. What better antidote to the books than the feel of Lion and Lamb? Keep bringing in those projects girls - or send photos by email - I resolve to keep notes in future!


  • Regina: September 16, 2020
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    Owner found- the Kureyon bag would be mine =)

  • Geraldine: September 16, 2020
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    I promise, come hell or high water, the second sock will be finished!

  • gilraen: September 16, 2020
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    Hi Lisa and Jacqui! Just back from my weekend. I love the shop. Good Luck for Thursday and thanks for looking after Jacob and myself so well on Sunday, the bears are missed. I’ll send you a picture when I’ve knitted up the Tofutusies and the Lion and Lamb. :)

    Thanks again……………hope to see you all soon :)

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