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July 31 2007 – thisisknit

Check out this lot... twinkbolero2.jpgtwinkbolero1.jpg That's Twink's stunning bolero - Francesca from the Debbie Bliss Rialto pattern book - in the burnt orange shade. She asked me to try it on when she was in the shop, as it was knit for a friend who is my size, and I had to use all my will power to take it off again. This yarn is just so dreamily soft next to the skin and the clever shaping of the bolero gives a very flattering fit. Just yummy! georginagarterbear.jpg Georgina has been clicking away with some beautiful baby knits. This is her second garter stitch bear from the Simply Baby pattern book and he has the cutest, pudgy belly! We're glad he could pose for the picture as he had to take time out from his busy schedule as Georgina's daughter's best friend...awww. georginaanouk.jpg And that little girl has a beautiful new summer dress in her wardrobe! Anouk from Knitty, knit in Debbie Bliss Cotton DK. deirdrebutterfly.jpgdeirdrebutterflyback.jpg Deirdre joined us for the Decorative Edgings class a while back and arrived in wearing her fabulous Butterfly cardigan! That's Shade 226 and it's just gorgeous knit up into Chevrons... From Deirdre's experience and mine, the sleeve length in this pattern is too long, so if you are considering knitting it then you could easily subtract 2 - 3 inches. Deirdre also added a decorative clasp over the required hook and eye to give the closure a bit more stability. cabled-baby-blanket.jpg And Carrie (who promises me she will blog again...soon) is knitting my favourite baby blanket in the world, again from Simply Baby. I just love the mixed texture of the cables and the fact that this is an all-in-one knit (no sewing up of squares). Beautiful!


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