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May 18 2015 – thisisknit

Well, we were bowled over by the response to our Mia Chevron Blanket competition! You really are the most creative people imaginable, with the best colour sense! In fact, there were so many beautiful colour combinations suggested that we decided to have two prizes! So we fired up the Random Number Generator (we were very glad we didn't have to choose a favourite ourselves!) and the first winner it gave us was Elizabeth's gorgeous "garden afternoon" selection: Sky, Rose, Citrus, Buttermilk, Stone: And the second winner it chose was Jaele's elegant combination of Marine, Ecru, Duck, Peach, and Corn. Get in touch with us, ladies, and we'll arrange for you to get your lovely Mia prizes! The other entries were all so inspiring, though, that we really want to share a few more with you. Here's Aqua, Corn, Fuchsia, Cinnamon and Marine. We suggested funky, and this certainly is: And when it comes to combining subtle and fresh, what about White, Corn, Ecru, Citrus and Buttermilk? And if you're looking for uncompromisingly pink, then here's Fuchsia, Rose, Light Pink, Buttermilk and Petal! We could go on and on, because all the entries were as gorgeous as these. So if you're looking for inspiration, then do what we'll be doing: look through the suggestions and get knitting! Congratulations again, Jaele and Elizabeth - we can't wait to see your blankets!


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