An Organic Yarn for the Warmer Months

May 01 2019 – Lisa

An Organic Yarn for the Warmer Months - This is Knit
An Organic Yarn for the Warmer Months - This is Knit

The Danish brand CaMaRose has been making quite a splash in the yarn world over the past number of years. Founder Trine Berstelsen began her fibre industry career as a knitting pattern designer before launching her own yarn range known as CaMaRose in 2010.


You can see Trine's keen eye for colour in the attractive, contemporary shade palette offered in each of her yarns. The colour chart is designed to make it easy to combine neutrals and contrasts, with multiple complimentary shades that would even work well in marling, by holding two strands together.



In addition, many of Trine's own designs for these yarns showcase just how well the shades work together in multi-coloured projects. If you're seeking inspiration then be sure to pop on over to Ravelry to browse the design collection there.

"Organic Summer Wool"

We're bringing the Okologisk Sommeruld ("organic summer wool") line from CaMaRose to the shelves here at This is Knit, just in time for the warmer weather (we can all hope). This fingering weight/4ply yarn is a blend of 70% organic merino and 30% organic cotton, making it is light and soft – perfect for baby and children’s knits, but also a a great choice for those of us who want to produce adult sweaters, tops and tees that can be worn year round.


Okologisk Sommeruld (“organic summer wool”) is processed and spun exclusively for CaMaRose in Europe, by a manufacturer who shows great care for the environment, sustainability, and quality.

The 100% organic fibres are dyed with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified colours, creating the 25 even and unique colours custom-made for CaMaRose.



The result? A sustainable, organic, versatile yarn in a shade range that bursts with potential. We'll be casting on for the Loops Blanket today, but we'd absolutely love to know!

What will *you* make in Okologisk Sommeruld?