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September 25 2012 – thisisknit

The weather's been pretty dismal over the last few days, so what better to cheer us up than some really, really bright yarn? These are some of the more vivid shades of MillaMia. We've been stocking this yarn since spring, and it's been one of our most popular offerings. This is no surprise - it's a sportweight superwash pure merino yarn, which is perfect for children's garments. Unlike many children's patterns, MillaMia typically offers several years' worth of sizing - from birth to five years, for example. We've all had the experience of finding the perfect baby cardigan, except the intended wearer is four rather than two, so a broad range of sizing is a very good idea. We've had some lovely sample garments in the shop for the last week or so, and we thought you'd like to see them too. This is Gabrielle, from the Close Knit Gang book. In this colour, it's a gorgeous eyecatching jumper, with a practical buttoned shoulder and a simple all-over cable pattern, but it would also work beautifully in a subler colour. Hanna, from Little Rascals, is one of the happiest cardigans we've ever seen - hot contrasty colours and those jolly bows! You could use softer colours, or even just one (but it would be a shame to leave out the bows, don't you think?) If a vibrant palette isn't to your taste or the lucky wearer's, then here are some of the cooler colours in the MillaMia range. This dress is elegant as well as practical. It would be great over a t-shirt if the weather's chilly or by itself when it's warmer, and with that charming ribbon detail it's smart enough for parties. It's called Lina, and you'll find it in the Wonderland book. Is this what they call a grandad cardigan? It's comfy and warm and just like the grandad of one's dreams would wear, except that it's sized from one to seven years. This one's also from Little Rascals, and it's called Magnum. (It's got a very high ahhh! factor, we think.) We've just ordered fresh copies of all these books today - if you'd like, we can keep you a copy when they come in. Just call us or email us and we'll do the rest (our contact details are here). Of course, there's plenty of adult garments that call for sportweight yarn too. We know for a fact that there's a Ravi (Carol Feller's lovely garter stitch cardigan) in progress in Millamia. So it's not just a yarn for children - happily, the rest of us can enjoy it too!


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