Chicanery - a guest post from Jimenez Joseph

April 03 2015 – thisisknit

With the start date of our Knit-A-Long getting closer, we're delighted to feature a guest post today from the designer of Chicane. She's an incredibly talented designer living in Surrey in England - you can find the rest of her designs at this page, and she has a an active and friendly Ravelry group over at Jimi Knits and Other Bits. So with no more ado, it's over to her! I'm a graphic designer by trade and being creative was part of my training. Knitting is just an extension of that, I suppose. However, I've been knitting since Christmas 2008 - aged 40! A little late in the game you would say, but what I lacked in experience, I made up for in enthusiasm for the craft and a willingness to take risks. I would never have thought that in less than 2 years I would be designing knitting patterns! I've always wanted to design something to wear that didn't look "high street". For me, it always had to have something unique about it - plus it had to be wearable so that I wouldn't get laughed out of town! Chicane was my first published sweater. My aim was to design a top that had a unique style, was economical with yarn, flattering to the body and can be custom-fit for the intended wearer. I am a visual knitter, meaning that I knit by eye, so in this case there would be very little reliance on numbers. Being made from the top down and flat, Chicane gives the knitter control and this allows them to make decisions on length and fit - and even construction. Chicane can be modified in lots of ways: Lace patterning: swap zigzag lace for something from a stitch dictionary (be mindful of the side decreases - some maths required). No patterning: plain stockinette in a single colour. Fastenings: instead of braided ties, try buttons. Work button holes into the top ribbing, or crochet some button loops instead. No fastenings: sew up the ribbing for the sleeves, leaving a large opening for the neck (boatneck). Colours: use contrast colour for ribbings, or as stripes. Enjoy! Jx Jimenez Joseph •

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  • ruth: September 16, 2020
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    Thanks for the beautiful well written pattern! Definitely not high street (neither am I) love the shape. I can’t wait to start mine!! I had thought about the buttons it’s a good idea!

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