Yarntelier Cashmere Lace Care Instructions and Pattern Suggestions

July 10 2020 – Sarah Cleeton

Yarntelier Cashmere Lace Care Instructions and Pattern Suggestions - This is Knit
Yarntelier Cashmere Lace Care Instructions and Pattern Suggestions - This is Knit
Did you catch Lisa's interview with renowned British knitwear designer Louisa Harding over on our Instagram profile? They chatted about Louisa's designer yarn line Yarntelier and the yarn she developed called Cashmere Lace. This gorgeous lace weight yarn, made in Britain and spun in Louisa's home of Yorkshire, is made of 100% luxurious cashmere fibre and guaranteed to make any project of yours stylish and timeless.

How to Care for Yarntelier Cashmere Lace

You might be wondering how to wash and block your project that you just made with Cashmere Lace. You might even be a little intimidated to do anything with it! Have no fear, you can do this! In Lisa's chat with Louisa, they discussed the special but totally simple method for washing and blocking any knit or crochet project made with Yarntelier's Cashmere Lace. To find out what to do, watch the video below.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YURh_QPrM4

One Skein Pattern Suggestions

You may have seen our recent blog post about Jacqui's gorgeous Adelaide sweater designed by Isabell Kraemer that she knit in the shade Rosehip. Jacqui used just under three balls of the Cashmere Lace, but there are plenty of beautiful one skein projects you can knit!   Lace scarf draped over wood table with ball of cashmere lace sitting on top   The Ilara scarf is a delicate and elegant scarf that only requires one ball of Yarntelier Cashmere Lace. Looking for a bit of everyday luxury to pair with your outfits? Why not give this pattern a go! The Ilara pictured above is knit in the shade Mist, a beautiful silver grey, but imagine it in the shade Fireside or Moor for a colour pop.   Woman in pink dress in field of purple flowers wearing a beige lacey wrap over her shoulders looking down Looking for a light wrap for those cool summer evenings? The Olena shawl might be just what you need. The shade Bark is pictured above, but the Olena shawl would be just as stunning in Rook or Sandstone. Woman in red dress standing in field of purple flowers with her back to the camera wearing red lace shawl over her shoulders The Mira shawl is a delicate lace pattern knit with just one ball of Cashmere Lace - shown here in the shade Fireside - which would be an excellent project to cast on for yourself or as a special gift for someone. Wouldn't it be just lovely? Not only is Yarntelier's Cashmere Lace soft and lightweight, but it's also warm making this pattern and the others perfect for draping over your shoulders on a cool evening.

Ready to Cast On?

Now that you know the not-so-secret method of washing and blocking Yarntelier Cashmere Lace, maybe you are ready to now cast on that project you've had sitting in your queue for awhile. And if you don't know where to begin, you also now have some great suggestions for one skein projects with it! Remember, this yarn is not only ideal for any special pattern you've been holding on to, but would also be perfectly suitable for that everyday luxury item you've been wanting to make. So go on, why not treat yourself! Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials, sneak peeks of new products, and fun videos from the shop!


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