Burren Scarf

February 26 2016 – Holly

Burren Scarf - This is Knit
Burren Scarf - This is Knit
We're back to Brioche today, with a free pattern to share with you! Recently we talked a bit about the revival of Brioche, and it's growing popularity among pattern designers and knitters alike. Today we're revisiting this technique, beautifully featured in The Burren Scarf. Available as a free PDF download, this is a super quick knit, and a great introduction to the technique. The gorgeous, soft, variegated shades of Noro Kureyon Air, complimented by the heathered Debbie Bliss Roma Weave, makes for great visual interest and perfectly suits the stitch definition that is characteristic of Brioche. The chunky weight wool knits up quickly, and creates the most fluffy, cushy fabric you'll ever have the pleasure of wearing! Our sample used up one skein of each, with a width of 14cm and modest length of 160cm, including the 15cm tassels at each end. If you'd like a longer scarf, we recommend purchasing two skeins of each. Brioche Burren Scarf Free Knitting Pattern Brioche is a tricky technique that even the most advanced knitters can struggle with at the beginning. The method for two colour Brioche is particularly involved and goes against the traditional “rules” of knitting. Worked flat on circular needles, you will work across one side of the fabric twice, before turning your work, which is why circular or DPN needles is so important. Just as you slide the work from one end to the next in an i-cord, you will work across the same side in one colour, and then the second colour; turn your work and do the same on the opposite side. Though, much like everything in knitting, you will quickly get a feel for the rhythm of the repeat, and understand how the fabric is formed through the series of stitches, making it easier to catch on, and catch mistakes. Brioche Burren Scarf Free Knitting Pattern Interested in knitting up your own Burren scarf? Finally ready to tackle the mysterious Brioche technique? Check out our technique class, which has spaces available to book for Sunday, March 13th, as well as Saturday, April 2nd. You'll learn everything you need to know to make the Burren scarf and the fingerless mitts (seen in this post), and leave the class well on your way to finishing your project. Have you tried Brioche yet? What's your favourite Brioche pattern?


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