December 17 2012 – thisisknit

We've been hit by a sudden dusting of snowflakes here! They're all over the place, and they're the simplest and most festive things. It's all because of this excellent book, which we've just got back into stock in time for Christmas. It's called 100 Snowflakes to Crochet, by Caitlin Sainio, and it's just that: a hundred pretty, easy to crochet and versatile patterns for six-pointed charm. The patterns are both charted and written, and they use the UK terminology that most Irish crocheters are familiar with (though if the UK/US distinction needs any clarification, we talked about it last year in this post). The book includes many ideas for using your snowflakes - in mobiles, appliquéed to accessories or as home décor, joined together to make stunning lacy scarves. There's also seasonal uses on gift tags or greeting cards. But we've got a wee trick to show you: how to make one of these beauties into a very simple decoration that would look splendid on the Christmas tree, or make a sweet last-minute gift. All you need is your small crocheted snowflake, a simple wire bangle (we got ten for €1.50 in a chain store), plain white sewing thread and a sewing needle. For our flakes, we used Petra No. 5 crochet cotton in pure white, but they'd be so pretty in bright colours too.) Thread the needle and run the thread through one of the points of the flake, and then round the outside of the bangle: Continue like this, lashing the snowflake to the bangle. We found that twelve attachments to the bangle worked better than six, but this probably depends on which snowflake you've chosen. When you've attached your snowflake, pull the thread tight enough to hold the flake firmly in the centre of the circle and fasten it off. And there you are: the small start of a blizzard. Actually, we mean this last part. It's really, really hard to make just one. And then it's hard to make just ten. They're fast and they're easy and we just don't want to stop! But here's some important news to finish: we'll be closing at 6.00pm on Sunday next, December 23rd, and re-opening at 12 noon on Wednesday January 2nd, all ready for another year of crafty and fibery fun! So make that list and check it twice....

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  • Nadine: September 16, 2020
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    Tip from my side: When you are working the last round of the snowflake and you have a round of chains to go around to finish off, use a dc (double-crochet UK) and work it around the bangle, i.e. you have 5 ch to go to next point of the snowflake, work 2ch, 1 dc around bangle, 2ch and continue pattern. Or work the top of point around the bangle. Might look less delicate but I found it handy the last time I did a piece of lace crochet for my granny which had to go into a larger wire frame. She likes putting them into the window.

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