Nanook Cardigan

February 19 2016 – Holly

Nanook Cardigan - This is Knit
Nanook Cardigan - This is Knit
Ravelry can confirm that there are tons of cardigan patterns out there, but many of them aren't particularly memorable or revolutionary in their style or construction; The Nanook cardigan is the exception and is one of few to break the traditional cardigan mold. It's scalloped lace detail and A-line shape makes it versatile garment to wear, and a fun project to knit. Knit Pattern Nanook Cardigan Noro Silk Garden Solo The construction of Nanook is simple: knit top down, with minimal finishing and seaming. Our gorgeous shop sample was knit up with Noro Silk Garden Solo, in the stunning teal shade 11. It took 10 balls to make the M1 size (36 inch bust). The worsted weight gauge means it's a quick knit, and it's garter stitch body means it's also an easy one. The pattern design includes long sleeves, but can easily be changed to 3/4 length if you prefer. The lace collar is a simple repeat with basic yarn overs, which adds just enough visual interest without being too complicated. The eyelet lace naturally accommodates for buttons within the design, so you can decide to add buttons last minute and no changes need be made. If you have a shawl pin or a few buttons you've been waiting to use, this is the project to showcase them! The lovely twig shawl pin on our sample is available for purchase in the shop. Knit Pattern Nanook Cardigan Noro Silk Garden Solo This is one of those patterns that really does let the yarn shine. Use a wool with some texture for a cosy cardigan, or a luxury blend with some sheen for something a bit fancier. Wear it open or closed with some complimentary buttons, wear the collar up or folded; this pattern really is so versatile. It's A-line wrap style and positive ease also means the fit is flexible, ideal if you want to layer up or even accommodate a baby bump (as Lisa intended here). Pop by the shop to try on our sample and you'll see just how flattering it is! What's your favourite cardigan pattern? Is the Nanook cardigan in your queue?


  • thisisknit: September 16, 2020
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    Thanks for commenting! I’m sure there are some lovely cotton yarns that would work for this design – once they knit to a tension of 18sts to 10cm then you’d be good to go :D

  • kathy b: September 16, 2020
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    It is just a lovely color. i love the closing pin too. iT looks like a branch.
    I have to wear cotton cardigans. because I get itchy otherwise. wish i could wear that!

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