Nearing summer

March 30 2012 – thisisknit

Now that the winter looks like it's over, we've been able to think less abut warm snuggly things and more about light versatile knits. We've two to show you today, one lovely accessory and one charming jumper. The accessory's in the photo above. It's the Flukra shawl, designed by Gudrun Johnson using traditional Shetland lace patterns. Since the lace is garter stitch based as well as the solid centre, this is a surprisingly easy pattern. Jacqui used Malabrigo Silkpaca to make it, and it used just over one skein (the remainder of the second was enough to make a Swallowtail as well!). The garment's below: it's a Folded jumper, made by Lisa out of Malabrigo Sock. This took just over two skeins, which she alternated a couple of rounds each at a time to avoid any dye-lot issues. Knitted at quite a loose tension on largish needles, it's a fast and satisfying knit, and because of the yarn it's even machine washable, so it'll quickly become a wardrobe staple. While Lisa was knitting it, something interesting happened, though. If you compare it to the pattern original, you'll notice that the sweet gathered detail at the bust is off centre in her version. This is entirely due to Sir Humphrey and Jim Hacker - distracted by and old episode of Yes, Minister, she made the gathers elsewhere than suggested by the pattern. What followed may shock many knitters: she decided to keep going. And we think the result is even nicer than the original. So there's a moral to today's blog: if you do something that's not in the pattern, maybe it'll turn out to be even better. If you've ever gone offroad in your knitting and crochet and decided to stay there, tell us about it in the comments - we love to hear about modifications, planned or unplanned!


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