Wee Lima

February 10 2016 – Holly

Wee Lima 1 We have the cutest little baby knit to share with you today: the very adorable Wee Lima! A free top-down pattern with a simple, unisex design, finished off with a few buttons. This is a quick and easy knit, with a convenient range of sizes from 0 to 18 months. Our shop sample is the 0-3 month size, knit up in Cashmerino Aran, with slightly shorter sleeves to keep the project at 2 balls, which also makes this a very economical project! The buttons used are from the Textile Garden selection available in the shop, and we couldn't be more in love with them; you'll be seeing them used a lot in our shop samples! Cashmerino Aran by Debbie Bliss is an excellent wool for baby knits: the extra soft blend is gentle, while the gauge is large and knits up quickly, which can be essential with time-pressed baby knits. There's also a large range of colours, with a selection of neutrals, pastels, and fun bright shades which are all perfect for baby projects. This wool also holds up well with wear, it can be machine washed on a gentle cycle, which means no special care instructions if you're gifting your knits. Wee Lima 2 Wee Lima's classic shape, and simple construction makes it a nice introductory project for those new to knitting in the round, or top-down sweaters. It's also a great project for adding a personal touch: the stockinette body can easily accommodate a textured stitch pattern or even some cables. You could even knit up a few Lima sweaters, in a range of sizes, each with their own unique detail. We love a pattern with room for creativity, and Wee Lima definitely has plenty of potential waiting to be discovered! Check out all of the projects on Ravelry from other talented knitters, and you'll have plenty of design inspiration for your own Lima. What is your favourite baby project? Have knitted or crocheted anything in Cashmerino Aran lately?


  • thisisknit: September 16, 2020
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    Hi Pat, yes it’s a circular needle that’s used for this design. You’ll need one that’s reasonably short too (depending on the size you want to make) as your stitches need to meet comfortably at the tips once you have joined to knit in the round (i.e. at the underarms). I hope this helps but ask away if you have any other queries. Lisa

  • Pat martino: September 16, 2020
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    On the wee Lima sweater do you use a round needle. Not mention in the pattern.

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