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March 12 2008 – thisisknit

Ah yes, how many days have gone by now when I have said - I must post on the blog?!? Too many, because I always say "But first..." But first I have to get together all the pictures of the wonderful projects you great knitters have been churning out... But first I want to get together a collection of the things Jacqui and I have been knitting (this part includes the actual taking of the photographs... But first I have to dig out some of the blog awards photos, and the happy-sock-knitters snap from the class a few weeks ago and, and, and... So today's post might not be the most comprehensive, or the most organised but it will show that us here at TIK have not disappeared from the blogosphere :) Here's them happy and proud-as-punch sock knitters from a few weeks back. And they've all got something to smile about as they're holding up their first finished socks! A belated "well done" to you all! sockknitters.jpg Jacqui's Chevron Scarf in the Manos Silk Blend has been growing... silkmanosscarf.jpg manosscarf2.jpg I've been making progress on my Cotanani-Top-Down-Set-In-Sleeve, soon to be decided on the full pattern top... cotananiprogress.jpg We've got some new sock yarn from Opal and Trekking.... We're expecting a Lorna's Laces delivery any day now and the Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn is on the way... promise :)

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  • Lauréole: September 16, 2020
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    this sock knitting class was great ! thanks again Lisa and Mary ! The Manos silk blend is on my needles and it’s such a nice yarn…I didn’t think of the Chevron scarf but that’s a very great pattern for the Manos silk blend…maybe with another skein ;-) You said “Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn” ??? I have to see that…

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