Counting down

April 15 2014 – thisisknit

There's lots of ways of counting your rows, but here's one that was mentioned a while ago on Ravelry: sweeties! We were tickled by the notion, so we thought we should pass it on. The idea's very simple. Get some small treats, and count out one for each row you need to work. At the end of every row, eat one. When you have none left, that's your allotted number of rows worked. Of course, there's lots of things that would count as treats - peanuts or grapes, for instance - but with the week that's in it we liked the idea of mini-eggs! Marks on paper, barrel counters and clicker counters all work too, but somehow it's easier to remember the sweetie. And speaking of the season, we've got some changes to our opening hours over the coming weekend. We're closed on Good Friday (April 18th), open as normal on Saturday the 19th, and then closed for Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. We'll be open as usual on Tuesday morning, with all our rows properly counted!


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