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April 17 2009 – Jacqui

It's Jacqui here and I am just dropping in to report that I’ve just finished my summer cardigan project! I decided to use Debbie’s new Eco Cotton, the shade of orange was yelling at me from the shelves - "Knit me!" I can’t live in purple and green forever, ha!

Helen, aka Hmabells (Ravelry Link), had tweaked my interest  in a pattern a couple of weeks ago. She had a printed copy of Mr. Greenjeans in her bag and donated same to me when we were discussing our summer knits and other stuff, as we do! Thanks Helen. Of course its top down and that was an easy sell too!

So I cast on and straight away loved this yarn. Ok it behaves as cotton does but its soft, and I like. Time between cast on and off equalled ten days, yes indeed I do like this yarn!  It is slightly splitty, but you watch out for that and its fine.

The pattern is easy to follow, always a plus in my book.The one thing I would say and if I’d taken the time to read other ravelers comments, I would have realised sooner, is that the arms are a bit baggy at the top. I did have a niggly feeling when the gusset required casting on 8 stitches, but I ignored myself and carried on regardless!

I’m not unhappy with the result, I love my cardi and will probably wear it to death… can one kill cotton, hmmmm………

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  • Mary Lynch: September 16, 2020
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    It looks fab…………….. inspiration for me when I called into Blackrock on my way home from work on Friday………….mine will be red………………….

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