Roscommon Lamb Festival

May 17 2010 – thisisknit

If you were out and about in Roscommon on the May bank holiday weekend, you couldn't fail to be impressed with the charms of the Roscommon Lamb Festival - a yearly festival celebrating all things lamb-related, from delicious food, shearing, spinning, knitting, lamb-petting, etc - a delightful event for any knitter curious to see the whole wool process in action! Charlene and Dixie made their way out from This Is Knit on the Sunday, with a car loaded full of yarn. Arriving at the Wool Craft Village, we set up our temporary shop and proceeded to check out all of the exciting things the village had to offer - there was weaving and tapestry that bystanders could have a go of, plenty of knitting and spinning to partake of, and the best bit was watching the sheep getting sheared and staying so calm through it all. You can read more about the festival over on Dixie's blog, but there is one last thing we want to show you here - the blue lamb! He was part of the Pet Lamb competition, fantastic!


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