April 28 2008 – thisisknit

Samhra1, originally uploaded by Lilaa.

(Ahem...Excuse the silly look on my face in this photo...) Last year, around this time, I knit my Lace Leaf Tee Shirt. I kid you not, the moment I cast off that project the weather turned awful!

So this year, in honour of the Irish summer we have Samhra - a 60% Cotton 40% wool three-quarter-length-sleeved lace-detailed top. Will the sun shine now? :)

The yarn is Mirasol Cotanani and the pattern came out of Aileen's Top Down Set-In Sleeve class back in February. I'm going to write up the pattern but there's a bit of fixing to be done about the fit around the armholes so a second version, possibly in Louisa Harding Grace is called for I think. Don't you?!?


  • Lauréole: September 16, 2020
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    Irish summer…if you knit a second Samhra, it is sure, we’ll have a sunny and hot summer and you’lll be responsible for global warming ;-)

  • Heidi: September 16, 2020
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    Oh, yeah, knit in Grace! It is yummy to knit with….

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