Symfonie Rosewood Gift Sets - launch postponed

November 09 2009 – thisisknit

A couple of weeks ago KnitPro announced the Symfonie Rosewood Gift Set would be available as a limited edition for Christmas. I know a lot of people were already very excited about these and we had also really been looking forward to stocking them. Unfortunately we received an email today (sent to all KnitPro stockists) to say that there have been quality issues with the presentation boxes. Despite trying two different suppliers KnitPro have concluded: “Since we do not want to compromise at all with the quality of our products, we have decided to postpone the launch of the Symfonie Rose sets until we are able to offer our product which has cleared all quality parameters.” Sorry to break the bad news folks… :( However, the launch of the Spectra Acrylic Gift Sets will go ahead as planned. These are still a really cute product - each of the sizes are a different colour - and they are also more affordable than the symfonie wood options. Spectra Gift Set We expect these to be in stock by the end of November / start of December at the latest.


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