Tales from the Window: Frost in November

November 22 2010 – Roseanne

pattern book clutched under elbow

Oh November. Cold, driving rain, a bit like strands of grey wool. Bitter icy drops, a bit like silver star shaped stitchmarkers (say that fast).

birdy birdy coldy birdy

Cold little bird, perched on wool that has turned blue and white from the winter.

first line

"Not yesterday I learned to know...

second line

The love of bare November days...

third line

Before the coming of the snow."


Fair play, Rob. You could have been writing about knitting in winter. Like Emily Dickinson, who actually did! Autumn—overlooked my Knitting Autumn—overlooked my Knitting— Dyes—said He—have I— Could disparage a Flamingo— Show Me them—said I— Cochineal—I chose—for deeming It resemble Thee— And the little Border—Dusker— For resembling Me— (Emily Dickinson) Go Emily! Patron poet of dyers, spinners, knitters and crocheters.

riding coat

Her winter warmer cosy coat then, was probably red. We've got ours in an elegant navy.


So put on your wool, brew up a cuppa, and enjoy a browse of all the new pattern books we have in stock. It's definitely, definitely, the time of year for knitting :D


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