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January 15 2008 – thisisknit

'Tis that time again... I give you (just a selection of) the many and varied talents of Irish Knitters! twinkpurecottoncardi.jpgtwinkcottondkbag.jpgtwinkbambooboatneck.jpg Left to right above are Twinks' contributions: a gorgeous casual cardigan made in Pure Cotton (from a pattern in her stash), a handy tote in Cotton DK (very professionally lined as I recall) and the absolutely dreamy boatneck jumper knit in RYC Bamboo Soft, which shows off the beautiful drape of this yarn to perfection. maryshadesofcashmerescarf.jpg Now photos just can't do this divine lace scarf justice. This is Mary's work of art and all the girls at Knit Night were continually impressed at her ability to knit lace and hold a conversation at the same time! This was a gift for her Mum and we had the pleasure of seeing her wear it when they called into the shop on Sunday. This is made from our "Shades of Cashmere" laceweight yarn (a blend of Silk and Cashmere). These yarns are not yet available on the website but if you call into the shop we have 10% off the range at the moment. :) grainnebranchingout.jpg More lace from the girls at Knit Night! This is Grainne's Branching Out Scarf in Louisa Harding Grace. Grainne is loving this pattern and we can see why! She has made a few from different yarns and they are all coming out beautifully. goldhillcrochet.jpg We had to share this one too for all those crochet fans out there! Sometimes it's hard to picture how a yarn will work up when it's in hank form so here is a cool crochet beanie in Lion and Lamb Goldhill. I can picture the lady who did this but the name is escaping me at the moment - sorry about that if you're reading this... Just give me a shout through the comments and I will edit in the credit :) clairesgjumper2.jpgclairesgjumper.jpg Ah, the man jumpers, so hard they are even to fit into one picture! This is Clare's "Fitzgerald" from Noro Knits - made for her lovely husband Matt. Matt deserves it too because he's planning (threatening?) to make Clare a swift and ball winder someday soon. To be fair he was even in winding up a hank of yarn on Sunday so can we presume he's relatively serious? Clare is not feeling too well at the moment so a big Get Well Soon is going out to her :) nictudora.jpg Deirdre has knit a Tudora from Louisa Harding Grace - doesn't the yarn work well for this? What an elegant way to keep the chill from your neck! annarancosock.jpg Finally for now and in continuance of the "what on earth does that look like knitted up?" theme - I give you the start of Anna's Ranco Multi sock. This photo was taken an age ago and Anna has since fired off about five pairs of these for Christmas in various colours but she was first back through the door with Ranco knit up after we started stocking it. Aren't the colours beautiful? I believe this one is Shade 493. Go have a look at it on the shop and then come back and compare the results. Those dyers in Chile know what they're up to!! :) I have lots more to share - there are just so many photos lurking on my hard drive at the moment - all waiting to be cropped and edited... More soon, I promise!


  • Nic: September 16, 2020
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    Thanks for the credit for the lovely Tudora, but it isn’t in fact mine. I did mention that I wanted to make one, and in that very yarn too. This would be the first instance where the mere mention of a project makes it a reality. Wouldn’t that be great?

    Whoever’s it is, she’s got a far slender-er neck than mine.

  • thisisknit: September 16, 2020
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    Eeek – you’re right! Sorry Nic, Sorry Deirdre! I’m always getting you two mixed up and I bet you’ve never even met. Very embarrassing….

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