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May 11 2007 – thisisknit

Wow. Seriously, wow. That was a great day girls! We thoroughly enjoyed it and we hope you did too. For those of you that couldn't be there here's a visual account of all the fun and frolics :) earlychat.jpgdebbie1.jpgchat.jpg Debbie was a joy to chat with it, a very down to earth lady who loved to share all her knitting knowledge and didn't mind getting stuck in and measuring people up for the garments of their choice. She gave a brief presentation in the morning on her design process and was then available for any and all knitting related queries. She gave lots of people the confidence to embark on their first full size knitted garment and many people were surprised to discover that they should in fact be knitting smaller sizes due to the forgiving nature of knitted fabric and the fact that Debbie's designs are for a real woman's shape. As you can see from the photos below everyone really enjoyed trying on the garments Debbie brought with her! flaredcablejacket.jpg This is the Flared Cable Jacket from the Out of Town pattern book, knit in Cashmerino Aran. This one was a really pleasant surprise as it is not shown to the best advantage in the pattern book photo but it was a big hit with the knitters on the day! trapeezjacket.jpg Jacqui was seriously considering running away with this one - surely Debbie would appreciate a lighter bag going home? Again, this is featured in the Out of Town pattern book and the smallest size fit most of the women present. It was made for Jacqui though, really... The yarn is Alpaca Silk aran which is deliciously warm and gives a wonderful drape. sofiaback.jpg Another big hit for the day was Sofia from the new Rialto pattern book. I think we'll be seeing a lot of these in the Gallery very soon! lolabluebolero.jpg This is Lola from the Pure Cotton/Stella pattern book, kindly modelled by Mary L :) I love that cable detail! familyknitscardi.jpg And a (currently nameless) cardigan from the new Family Knits book - we sold out of these on the day so I can't look it up! If anyone has their book and wants to shout out the details in the comments then please do :) The yarn is Cashmerino DK alexa.jpg And finally (on a slightly bleary-eyed me) Alexa from the Pure Cotton/Stella book. Hmm, and my list of future knits is now twice as long as my arm! Elana and Susan had lots of fun though when the yarn arrived - every shade of Pure Cotton and Rialto - and this is my attempt at an arty rainbow shot, carefully composed by Elana... allthecolours.jpg Meet Elana: funthings.jpg Elana likes yarn. Can you tell??! elanagoesmissing.jpg Thanks so much to everyone who sent us good wishes for the day and, of course, to everyone who took the time to join us. Finally, thanks to Debbie herself - we hope you can come back soon! PS: The only glitch for the day was that the late arrival of all shades of Rialto and Pure Cotton. So, while stocks last, the Special Offer of buy a pack of ten or more and receive a free pattern book will still be available. Snap up yours soon! I'll announce the winners of the competition soon so keep an eye out for your name :)


  • gilraen: September 16, 2020
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    I finished my own Lola in the Lion and Lamb (Motherlode) I bought after seeing Debbie Bliss’ Lola on Mary Lou. pics on my blog.

    Thank you. Without that picture I wouldn’t have had such a lovely knit :)

  • Nicola: September 16, 2020
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    Congratulations to all at TIK, it was indeed a great day. Ms Bliss was charm itself and I think she made everyone she talked to feel like they and their knitting were so important. AND she seemed to be enjoying herself too, so I think it was mutual.

    If you look VERY carefully at the 3rd pic in the post-Bliss post on 11th May you can just see the back of my head and the white toe of my shoe. I’m the hidden person actually speaking to Ms Bliss, helpfully blocked by the woman with the bag on her back…since I was in fact not there at all, but at the dentist/doctor/vet, (take your pick).

    As a knitter, it was a real pleasure to spend some time amongst my own kind and to meet the many Talented Friends of TIK. I also met the charming ladies of Wicklow Town SnB that evening for the 1st time, so the knit factor was high that day. My thanks to them for their welcome.

    Must Earn yarn

  • Averil: September 16, 2020
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    It looks and sounds, from all the comments I´ve read, that the opening was an overwhelming success! Congratulations once again!


  • thisisknit: September 16, 2020
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    Thanks so much girls – would you believe I only “discovered” your comments last night. The blog move is throwing up a few more glitches than I would like but I should now be back getting comment notification by email (fingers crossed). I’m really glad you all enjoyed the day – we should have parties more often!

    Thanks for that link Gilraen. Thems be the details alright. Eek – more and more goes on the “must knit” list every day.

    And stop by soon Antje – it’d be great to catch up :)

  • Antje Karl: September 16, 2020
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    Looks like much fun was had! Shame I couldn’t be there! I love the Sofia cardigan and feel another visit coming on (not that I need yarn, but then when’s that ever stopped anyone?)


  • gilraen: September 16, 2020
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    What lovely photos. It looks like I missed a great day. The knits look much better on your models than in the book :)

  • gilraen: September 16, 2020
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    BTW Lisa here is the bits for your nameless sweater Rib and Cable Cardigan

  • a simple yarn: September 16, 2020
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    Congratulations Lisa and Jacqui on a lovely day at your shop. Shame on me for taking so long to make it down to your new digs, but what a great occasion for doing so! You’re right, Debbie Bliss was wonderfully unassuming and quite nice to meet.

    Have to say that it was probably fortunate that I could keep my total purchases under 3 digits by being there before the Rialto arrived!

    All the best to you both and congrats, too, on the new blog site….

  • Lindy: September 16, 2020
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    Really enjoyed meeting Debbie. What a very friendly and helpful person she is! (Fitted in to the TIK ethos nicely!) Thank you for a lovely couple of hours.

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