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July 08 2010 – thisisknit

Our Annis KAL is progressing nicely over on Ravelry and, chez TIK, both Dixie and Jacqui have finished and blocked theirs. Funnily enough they knit them out of exactly the same yarn, in exactly the same colourway, but when it was Hedgehog Fibre's Silk Lace in the evocatively named "Damp" shade who could blame them? Dixie added beads to hers, beautiful little silver-lined ones, and the result is stunning: Dixie Annis And Jacqui went the un-adorned route and let her hard-won finished object take centre stage... just look at those Nupps! Jacqui Annis Having two (pretty much) exactly the same projects, knitted from exactly the same yarn, gave us the perfect opportunity to take these pictures... Comparison 1 Comparison 2 Just look at the difference in size! Dixie changed needle sizes to get a firmer looking fabric in her FO and the effect is dramatic. One is very much a decorative scarf and the other is a decent shawlette. Just goes to show people... size does matter ;)


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