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August 03 2012 – thisisknit

Things have been hectic since the start of the Ravellenic Games. There's all sorts of projects going on, and all sorts of new things being learned. The first medal earned by a Team This Is Knit athlete went to clareblove in the Frogging Trampoline - oh, the relief when the unloved garment gets a chance to be something new and lovely! We can't wait to see what it's reborn as! Speaking of medals, here's how you earn yours. When you're finished your event project, go to the main Ravellenics Games forum, and find the thread corresponding to the event. In each, you'll find instructions on what you need to do - "PLEASE POST THE FOLLOWING" will tell you the information you need to post in the thread, and then there's a quick FINISH LINE form to fill in. Both stages need to be completed, but it'll only take a minute or so. But that's not all: we've also planned some very special This Is Knit medals too, exclusively for our own athletes. These will be awarded after the games end. It'll be a bit like driving down O'Connell Street through cheering crowds in an open-topped bus! But that's still not all: after the games end, we'll be proudly awarding prizes! There'll be more of that in a later post, but for now, we'd better get back to the hat, and the cardigan, and the shawl, and the socks.... Don José, our tutelary alpaca, is on guard in the shop, watching over our Ravellenic Flame, which burns undimmed amidst the yarn. He's terribly proud of you all. So are the rest of us.


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