Tired but happy!

August 28 2012 – thisisknit

Well, the dust has settled, and we're steadily recovering from the Ravellenic Games. Team This Is Knit did us all proud - sixteen triumphant medallists, many with more than one medal. We'd like to extend very special thanks to our two captains, Jacqui and Nadia, who organised the entire team (and we're never easy to organise!), provided assistance, encouragement and yarn, and did the whole with laughter and good humour. Congratulations once more to olearycarol and surfguna, who won our special Ravellenics goody bags! What will that prize yarn turn into? We'd love to know! And finally, Don José is so very proud of you all, finishers and non-finishers. And don't forget: this astounding summer of sporting magic isn't over. The 2012 Paralympic Games start tomorrow, with coverage on Channel 4. It's not time to get up from the sofa just yet!


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