WWKIP and Crochet Locally at TIK day!

June 07 2007 – thisisknit

I'm really looking forward to the World Wide Knit in Public event in Dublin. The latest weather report looks promising so it should be sunshine and smiles all around :) Don't forget to check out Lien's blog and the Yahoo SnB site for all the most up to date info! We also have our beginners crochet class on Saturday morning. In my semi-able assistant teacher mode I have been slowly plugging away at the wrap pattern but as it is item number 102 on the needles (Ok, item number one on the hook) the progress is not much to shout about. Oh well, I'm sure the beginners would like to see a WIP as well as Ann's FO. It's like the tv cut outs... "and here's one we (read: Ann) made earlier!" Thank God there's an expert in the house... If you would still like to whip up a quick summer garment and you missed out on the crochet class then there are a couple of places available in the Simple Summer Shrug classes. Aileen will be on hand to help you choose a project suited to your knitting level (and shrugs can range from the "as easy as falling off a log" category to the cable, lace detail and short row shaping variety) and then we'll walk you through putting it all together. So why not keep those shoulders warm on our "balmy" (?) summer evenings with your own custom-fit handknitted shrug?


  • gilraen: September 16, 2020
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    I’m getting excited! I am so looking froward to my crochet class. :)

  • gilraen: September 16, 2020
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    I finished my Debbie Bliss Tie Fronted Cardigan. Thanks a million Ann and Lisa. :)

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