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March 20 2012 – thisisknit

Our Spring Knit-a-Long is now well underway, with a dedicated Ravelry thread going on right here. We've got lots of cardigans underway, in at least four countries and three continents. We're very happy to report that knitting along has helped several people with various parts of the patterns - having fellow knitters to ask about something in common makes a huge difference. For example, the buttonhole placement in the Debbie Bliss Fan pattern raised some questions, and these got quickly resolved. The frequency of the raglan and neckline increases in Sandrine was helped by our blog post on keeping track of increases back in December. If you'd like to do some live knitting along with us, we're having a dedicated help session for the Knit-a-Long this coming Saturday, March 24th, at 11.00am. If anything in Fan or Sandrine needs clarification, or if you want to proudly show off your progress, it would be great to see you. If you'd like to join us, there's loads of time - if you want to be eligible for the super prize, the deadline's the 6th of June, though there were still people working on last year's KAL months after the draw had been made. The post giving full details is at this link - we'd love to have you with us. Following on from last week's review of Jean Moss's lovely Sweet Shawlettes, we're delighted to announce that the Random Number Generator picked Susie Hewer to receive a copy of the book. We'll be in touch, Susie, to talk about getting the book to you, and we hope you love knitting from it.


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