It's springtime!

March 07 2014 – thisisknit

And that means a Knit-Along! This time, we've chosen a stunning Stephen West pattern, Daybreak. It's a lovely versatile accessory, and like the Color Affection in last year's KAL, it uses two yarns to make smart stripes. We've made two already, both in Malabrigo Arroyo. The purple and navy, made by Jacqui, is the smaller size (it took 62g of the navy and 82g of the purple) and Nadia's teal and back is the medium. They're both very generously sized, so we think the Large might be truly epic! Of course, you're not limited to just two colours, either. A look through Daybreak projects on Ravelry shows many gorgeous shawls with stripes of several colours, so this can be a fantastic stashbuster too. The clever radiating lines are made very simply by slipping stitches, so you're never working with more than one colour at a time. In fact, it's the perfect introduction to slipped-stitch colourwork. You'll find lots more inspiration in the Daybreak discussion thread in the Westknits Fan Club group. With a Bank Holiday weekend coming up, we've designated Saturday 15th March as Cast On Day, and this KAL will be running until Worldwide Knit In Public Day in June, so there's lots of time. So why not pick some colours and join us? And of course, we're all excited in the shop at the prospect of helping you with colour and yarn combinations. Last year's KAL was so much fun, and this one's sure to be even better!


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