A Zeal for Teal

December 03 2015 – Holly

Ashby Wrap Every knitter has their weaknesses, whether it be the perfect sock pattern or alpaca blend wool, though I'm sure none are stronger than my unwavering addiction to the colour teal! It's hopelessly insatiable, I'm quick to snap up any teal skein as soon as it hits the shelves, and that's not likely to change any time soon. Two of my most recent projects have only proven this: I've just finished a wrap with wool I had purchased at This Is Knit's Yarn Dating (which was so much fun!) There I was introduced to all the beautiful shades of the Studio Donegal tweed, but of course did not struggle with my colour choice, not when the beautiful 3637 Teal shade was there waiting for me! Ashby, by the always inspirational Brooklyn Tweed, is a big, warm wrap with a gorgeous cabled edge and simple textured body. The pattern asks for 4 balls of Studio Donegal WSC but will leave you with considerable leftovers. In my wrap, I used a 5th skein and added an extra repeat to the edge (two total) which made it slightly larger overall: with a 36 inch spine, 86 inch wingspan, which I just love! This wool is perfectly suited to the pattern, it knits up considerably light, which makes for a nice balance in such a large wrap. I finished mine in time for our trip through County Kerry, and ended up wearing it every day. It was perfect for warding off the October chill on our road trip around The Ring of Kerry. Cocoon The Cocoon hat, pattern available for free on Ravelry, is a super quick and easy knit. It uses exactly one ball of Malabrigo Mecha, and I of course opted for the shade: Teal Feather. It's the most rich, gorgeous colourway, making for a lovely squishy, warm hat. I love the broken rib, which creates a nice, simple texture that really allows the beautiful colour of the yarn to be the focal point. I think this hat compliments Mecha very well, and I'd definitely make another; possibly to gift... but more realistically to keep for myself ;) What colour would you consider your greatest weakness?


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