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August 11 2015 – thisisknit

A little more than nine years ago, This Is Knit started with a wee market stall and a very tiny website. There's a bit more room to walk around in the shop now, but we're still a small business. So we like to support other small businesses in any way we can, especially if they're craftspeople, and the internet makes it so easy. Let's hear it for Etsy! There's traders from all over the world on Etsy, of course, but up there with the very best are lots and lots of wonderful Irish businesses. For example, the picture up above is BethShanConnemara's work - the sweetest wee teapot pendant in Connemara marble! Ah go on, go on.... And ah here! Look at this... It's a crocheted custard cream brooch! Did you ever! It's made by FunAroundTheClock, and a look at that shop will make you grin so broadly! If you don't fancy a custard cream with your tea, there's Mikados and pink wafers and Jammie Dodgers too! And it's not all biscuits, either - there's beautiful picture frames and lovely accessories! And if you're looking for Irish wool straight from the sheep, then may we recommend MarkreeWoolCraft? Using fleece from well-loved Wensleydales and Jacobs in county Sligo, this is naturally produced and dyed wool for spinning, knitting and crochet - and it's so, so soft! And if you fancy dyeing your own yarn, you can find lichen for dyeing it here too! Aren't Irish craftspeople amazing?


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