In the spirit of symmetry

January 29 2007 – thisisknit

I'm not hung up on symmetry. I can handle mismatched stripes in my Noro cardigan. I deliberately shy away from trying to tame hand dyed yarns to get matching socks. Perhaps I have a very slightly rebellious side :) I wouldn't be particularly superstitious either but, with this being the inaugural TIK blog post, I felt a bit of symmetry might be a nice touch. So here it goes. Helen McC’s Socks These are Helen McC's very gorgeous socks, made from Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in the "Lakeview" colourway. Please forgive the terrible picture - it really does not do these beauties justice - but we were testing out Jacqui's new mobile camera (ok - we forgot the real one). The symmetry lies in the fact that Helen was the first TIK customer and we couldn't have wished for a better one. On the first day in our small stall at the Blackrock Market she was power walking past when she stopped short and pulled up abruptly. Her mouth nearly dropped to the floor as she exclaimed "Wool!" at the top of her voice and immediately whipped out her mobile to call her best friend (also a Helen, now affectionately called "Helen 2") to break the good news! And the superstition? We actually consider her something of a good luck charm and since that day we have expanded our range, opened the online shop, moved into our self-contained shop unit within the market, attended the Knitting and Stitching Show, began running classes (Helen's socks were started during out "Introduction to Sock Knitting" class) and, best of all, we have met many wonderful, witty and friendly knitters and generally had an absolute ball. Shop So thanks to Helen (1&2!) and to everyone that has supported us so far. Through this blog we hope to better be able to keep you all up to date with TIK news and updates. We are also considering moving the customer knits gallery over as I should be able to update it more often that way. Keep sending us in your photos - we love to see what you are working on :) Happy Knitting Everyone!


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