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March 11 2011 – thisisknit

With St Patrick's Day next week, it seemed a good time to look at our Irish products. We have quite a range of excellent yarn and tools that are produced here, and many of them are exclusive to This Is Knit. If you're looking for an Aran yarn, then Studio Donegal is perfect. It comes in a fantastic range of colours, from the traditional to the vibrant - you can see some of them peeking out from behind the sign up above. It's also a great yarn for felting. If you're a spinner (or want to be), then we can offer you a range of fibres from LHogan, including Blue-faced Leicester and superwash merino in amazing colours like this: When it comes to finer yarns, we've got some treasures to show you. At the moment we have beautiful sock yarn from The Dublin Dye Company, Gaeity Girl Fiber Arts and Hedgehog Fibres. There's some Hedgehog Fibres laceweight that sneaked into that last picture too. Speaking of lace, here's some Dublin Dye Company laceweight: The background to that photograph is Irish designer Kieran Foley's Cold Mountain stole. His work is beautiful and, like most lace, much easier than it looks. If you're looking for other Irish-designed knitted lace, then here's Carole Feller's Centrique: Stitch markers are awfully useful for keeping track of where you are, in lace and in other work, and we have some lovely handmade Irish ones for you. We're looking forward to seeing you whenever you drop into the shop. Our opening hours are as usual next week, except for St Patrick's Day itself, when we're closed. We'll probably be at the parade. We found the shamrock in The Garden, the beautiful florist in the front hall of the Powerscourt Centre. Mark Grehan offers exceptional flowers and plants, as well as a complete garden design service. His shop is one of the things that makes the Centre such a special place.


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