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January 15 2008 – thisisknit

On a Monday when the shop is closed and she has a bit of time on her hands... handwashsocks.jpg Dunk her hand knit socks in the sink for a good soak and... Get FIVE PAGES worth of new products up on the website! Phew! Seriously today has been a marathon of photo editing, stock checking, typing and clicking but it's all for a good cause. We had gotten somewhat behind on the website side of things in the past few months so I feel brilliant now that we're mostly caught up. Of course there will be plenty more soon with Mirasol happening so watch this space ;) Oh, and here's a handy tip if you ever want to search "What's New" on the website. There is always a little preview panel on the left hand side of the screen when you are browsing away in the shop but did you know you can click on the (admittedly tiny) arrow next to it to see all the new products? Here's a little picture of the arrow I mean... whatsnew.jpg I hope that adds to your viewing pleasure! I'll be calling it at night now (11.10pm, whoops - how did that happen?). Just time for a few rows on my Rialto Aran Boatneck Bluebell then :)


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