CaMaRose Snefnug Pattern Suggestions

February 09 2021 – Sarah Cleeton

CaMaRose Snefnug Pattern Suggestions - This is Knit
CaMaRose Snefnug Pattern Suggestions - This is Knit

CaMaRose's popular yarn Snefnug has landed on the This is Knit shelves lately and we are obsessed with it! This yarn is incredibly soft to the touch making it perfect for super cosy hand knit projects. In this blog post, we've listed a couple pattern ideas for Snefnug we think you will like! Keep reading to learn more. 

Please note: Links to patterns are directed to Ravelry. 

Felix Cardigan by Amy Cristoffers

Image © Amy Christoffers


The Felix Cardigan is the cardigan version of the original Felix sweater (which can also be knit using Snefnug!) from Amy Christoffers of Savory Knitting. This super casual and cosy cardigan features a delicate lace detail along the shoulders. Having knit the Felix sweater myself and loving the final product, I am ready to cast on a Felix Cardigan with Snefnug in the shade Gra Beige!

Need some buttons for your cardigan? Look no further! You can find all of our buttons right here.


Big Love by ANKESTRiCK


This cardigan looks like a big, warm hug! And with Snefnug, it's bound to be! Just imagine wrapping this cardigan around yourself on a chilly evening... I think Big Love would look stunning in a deep shade like Rust Rod or Magenta. What do you think?


Cocoon by La Maison Rililie

Image © LaMaisonRililie


Everyone needs a casual, slouchy knit beanie in their arsenal. You really can't go wrong with one! I can always find one tucked into my coat from the previous winter. They make great knitted gifts as well for friends, family, and coworkers! I would even consider knitting Cocoon with one strand of Snefnug held together with one strand of Midnatssol or Månestråle for an extra bit of floof!  

Chunky Twist by Nina Ruth

Image © Nina Ruth


Are you plagued by cold ears during winter? Whip yourself up one of these adorable headbands with Snefnug! These Chunky Twist headbands would also make a great, quick knit gift for someone you want to stay toasty warm.


Worsted Brioche Bandana Cowl by Lavanya Patricella 

Image © Lavanya Patricella

And finally, we have the beautiful Worsted Brioche Bandana Cowl. This cowl is no fuss, no muss, just pop it over your neck when you need to stay warm and snug. And it's a great project for the knitter who is looking for their first brioche project! Pair a bold colour with a neutral to make it really pop, or two neutral shades for a contemporary colour palette.

We hope these projects provide some knitting inspiration for you to work with Snefnug. By no means limit yourself to just these patterns - there are so many beautiful knitting and crochet patterns out there waiting for you to discover them. So get creative and have some fun with Snefnug!

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