Cosy Knits Launch Round Up

October 15 2019 – Nadia Coburn

Cosy Knits Launch Round Up - This is Knit
Cosy Knits Launch Round Up - This is Knit

If you couldn't be with us here in This is Knit last Saturday for the Cosy Knits Launch with designers Carol Feller, Jimenez Joseph, and Eimear Early then this post should help you out with FOMO. For a quick round-up of the day you can watch our vlog by Lisa below:


Saturday saw not one but two intimate gatherings on the mezzanine in This is Knit. Surrounded by copies of her previous books, Carol Feller introduced her latest book, Cosy Knits a collaboration project featuring designers Bristol Ivy, Louisa Harding, Louise Tilbrook, Rachel CoopeyJimenez Joseph, Eimear Earley, Joan Forgione, and Kate Heppell. The book consists of 9 stunning designs all made with Nua Worsted and together they form the cosiest of collections.  

But what happens at a launch?

All launches are unique. They are based around the creators that we host. This launch was one of our favourites as we hosted not just one, but three designers. Each designer got to introduce their design from the collection. We try to have intimate gatherings where people won't get overwhelmed so that we can all have time with each of our guests, have books signed, and ask those burning questions we each have.  

Carol Feller

Carol has taught in TIK numerous times, and this isn't her first launch with us (that was Contemporary Irish Knits if you're wondering). We love hosting her as inevitably we end up with more projects in our queue and we've gained a new finishing technique or knitting wisdom.

At this launch, Carol spoke about the concept of Cosy Knits, how it migrated from a theme to a collection, via a Pinterest mood board as a design brief for the collaborating designers. Each designer was asked to contribute a proposal for a piece that summed up what 'cosy' means to them. This resulted in a cohesive collection, with pieces that can be worn together/mixed and matched to create a full winter wardrobe.  

One of the pieces Carol introduced to us was Ballintemple (worn above by Nadia). She explained how this is one of her favourite cardigan designs, as it's comfortable and flattering to wear. The garter stitch also adds an extra cosy layer to the fabric while the cable stitch pattern is interesting to knit.


Jimenez Joseph

We were so excited when Jimenez told us she could join us for the launch. We have been a fan of hers since our Chicane summer knit along a few years ago, and quite a few of our staff were quietly squeeing during the whole event. We didn't realise at the time that Jimenez was nervous about public speaking - but she did a wonderful job introducing Terrain and sharing her design process with us. Her approach to design is one of love, intelligence and thought. From her textured shawl sections and final corrugated rib edging it was inspiring to listen to the creation of Terrain.  


Eimear Earley

If you pop into us in This is Knit you probably have already met Eimear and know what a fantastic knitter she is. We've known for a while that she is also a very talented designer, and it was with pride we finally got to see her introduce Móin, a cabled cowl with different length options with her signature style. Eimear had us all laughing as she recounted what the design brief meant to her, a series of Bord na Mona ads, of roaring fires and old-style pubs with cosies. 

This cowl offers that warmth without being bulky - it's easily stored and whipped out when you need it.  The most captivating detail of Eimear's design is the cable and how the cowl length changes the look of it. We're very keen now to play with our knitting and use the design as a recipe we can play with.


The talk came to a close after Carol introduced the rest of the collection and the designers that took part. She had us drooling over Entrealc from Bristol Ivy, stunned by the cropped tightly knit Comerford by Kate Heppell and who didn't want to run away in the Lackenduff wrap by Louise Tilbrook. These are all featured in our gallery below.

Tuckle by Louisa Harding had us falling in love with bobbles and the Sawmill hat by Rachel Coopey saw us learning about colourwork and choosing yarns that blend or pop. Inglenook by Joan Forgione stunned our guests as the detachable cowl had a few of us clambering to try it on. It looks great over jeans and dresses alike!


Sadly, it came to an end

After the talks it was time for questions, trying on garments and diving into yummy lemonade and pastries from The PepperPot. This is when we managed to get our own books signed and explore the collection. It's impossible to sum up two wonderful talks so please do watch our short video above and browse our gallery below so that you can see how the day went.

You can pick up your very own copy of Cosy Knits here and Nua Worsted here if you are itching to cast on a new project. If you are quick you might be able to pick up your very owned signed copy as we have a few in the shop waiting for their new homes. Just please don't ask us to pick a favourite from the launch, we just can't do it! 


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