How to Wear Shawls on the This is Knit Vlog

July 30 2019 – Nadia Coburn

How to Wear Shawls on the This is Knit Vlog - This is Knit
How to Wear Shawls on the This is Knit Vlog - This is Knit

You've spent days, weeks, months creating your favourite shawl. You've created it with yarn you love and now it's time to show it off to the world. If you are in need of some shawl-spiration on how to wear your latest FO then press play on today's vlog.

In today's episode, Jacqui takes us through ways of wearing different shaped shawls. What's your favourite shawl shape?

Shawls Featured in Today's Vlog

The First Light by Veera Välimäki

This asymmetric crescent-shaped shawl is long enough to wrap around the neck as many times as desired and it is our favourite way of wearing it. A crescent-shaped shawl is one that is easily worn and can easily show off a shawl pin when you wrap it high over your shoulders. Perfect for those autumn/spring breezes.


Pointe by Julie Knits In Paris

Pointe is an ethereal shawl featuring an airy combination of garter stitch and brioche lace. From the pointe-shoe-like tip to the graceful lace design, its shape and construction reflect the finesse and elegance ballet inspires to Julie Knits in Paris. But how would you wear it?

Jacqui has a few suggestions in today's vlog.

Photo © Susanne Sommer

Shawllinn by Susanne Sommer

Shawllinn is a deep triangular shawl knit sideways in wide brioche and garter ribs creating a two-colour fade, intersected by a large two-colour honeycomb brioche stripe. The shawl is surrounded by an i-cord border for a neat and finished look and an extra colour pop.

With such a deep shawl Jacqui loves wearing this as hug but it works as a casual shawl around your neck as Suzanne wears here.

Photo by Julie Debreux

Filigree by Julie Knits In Paris

Filigree is a large Golden Princess Wrap. The main body features a party-proof tiara-inspired lace motif, while the edges are decorated in two-colour brioche and corrugated ribbing so all 4 colours match and blend in different ways, and celebrate the richness of their unique golden hues.

With such a large shawl, it is designed to look regal but also to give you a hug. It's perfect as a wrap draping elegantly over your shoulders or to show off one of your favourite shawl pins.


Do you have a favourite shawl shape? Is there a shawl that you have made that you wear over and over again? Let us know in the comments!


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