Knitting on the Go: All you need to know

Knitting on the Go: All you need to know

There’s something magical about knitting while travelling. Airport waiting times, long flights, or train rides, can all transform into creative time when you have your knitting with you. I remember a particularly long delay at Dublin Airport a few years back, and how those extra 3 hours flew by as I knitted “just one more row”.

Getting Ready for Your Knitting Adventure

Before you pack your bags, let’s talk about getting your knitting gear travel-ready. I want to share some tips that will make knitting on your holidays a bit easier.

1. Choose the right project

First, choose a summer project that’s easy to carry and doesn’t require too many supplies. Think lightweight shawls, socks, or even a simple scarf. The key is to stick to techniques you’re comfortable with – this isn’t the time to tackle a complex lace pattern if you’ve never tried it before.

2. Read & Swatch

Read the pattern from start to finish. Yes, the whole thing. Understanding each step is crucial, and don’t forget to swatch your yarn to check your gauge. There's nothing worse than being mid-air and realising you're short on yarn or missing a tool. This little bit of prep work can save you a lot of hassle later. Top tip: carry a backup of your pattern. Bring both a printed version (for those times when you don’t have phone reception or your tablet runs out of battery) and an electronic version (in case you lose the printed one).

3. Packing for Your Journey

When it comes to packing your knitting project, keep it simple. A compact project bag that fits neatly into your carry-on is ideal. Don’t forget your essentials: needles (check airline rules for carry-on), stitch markers, a small pair of scissors or thread cutter (again, check the rules), and of course, your yarn. A good tip is to wind your yarn into balls before you leave to avoid any mid-travel tangles. Keeping Ziploc bags that open and close easily could be especially handy when working with multiple yarns simultaneously. 

4. Knitting on the Move

Once you’re all set up, knitting during your travels can be incredibly soothing. It's a fantastic way to unwind, and you might even find yourself chatting with curious fellow travellers about your craft. Knitting is perfect for keeping your hands busy and your mind calm during long waits and journeys.

Don't forget to check out the local yarn shops (LYS) at your destination. These magical places are full of unique yarn and knitting wisdom. Plus, did you know that souvenir yarn doesn’t count as stash yarn? It’s the perfect excuse to bring home a bit of fibre treasure from your travels!

Navigating Airline Knitting Rules

One of the most frequent questions we get about knitting and travelling is whether you can bring your knitting needles on a plane. There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Our best advice is to check with both your airline and the airports you'll be travelling through.

Policies can vary, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Some knitters prefer to bring wooden or plastic needles to avoid any issues with security. If you’re ever in doubt, leave your favourite needles in the checked suitcase and pack ones you wouldn’t mind parting with if necessary at the security check.

Pattern suggestions for knitting while travelling

Kolorblock Shawl

Why is the Kolorblock Shawl the perfect project for knitting on the go? For starters, the kit comes with mini skeins, making it compact and easy to transport. You work with one colour at a time, simplifying the process and reducing the need for multiple skeins to be out at once. The repetitive pattern is ideal for knitting in various settings, while a few strategic increases and colour changes keep you engaged without being too complex. It's a blend of simplicity and variety that makes it perfect for travel knitting!


Pressed Flower Hat

With just two skeins, this kit is wonderfully portable. The design takes full advantage of the slow colour shift in Urth's "Spiral Grain" yarn, paired with a solid shade of Walcot Yarns "Opus." The repetitive colorwork pattern keeps you engaged, making it ideal for travel knitting. Plus, you’ll have enough yarn to make two full hats—one for you and one for your bestie. It’s a delightful way to bring a pop of spring florals to the coldest days, all while enjoying a perfectly portable project.

Retro Rings Top

The Retro Rings Top is perfect for knitting on the go. Worked from the top down in the round, it requires no seaming, so if you finish it on your trip you can wear it straight away!

We’ve paired this charming pattern with our mini skein set in our signature brand colours. The use of mini skeins makes it easy to transport and store, and the straightforward, repetitive pattern is easy to follow. It's perfect for those moments when you want to enjoy some relaxing knitting while on the move.