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January 25 2014 – thisisknit

It's not every Monday evening that you get a chance to pay a friend a compliment and have it written up in lights and do some good, all at the same time. This Monday evening's different. From 5.30pm until 8.30pm, Innocent (yes, they of the Big Knit) are going to cover the front of the Powerscourt Centre with our compliments! And if you want yours to appear, here's how it works. But just think: we could festoon the front of the building with yarn-related compliments, couldn't we?
  • Hey @friend, even your frogging looks good! #SpreadGood
  • Hello @XX, you’re the foundation chain in my life! #SpreadGood
  • Hello @friend, you're the best thing since Magic Loop! #SpreadGood
  • We really could! And if you have better compliment suggestions than these (and you surely have!), share them in the comments!


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