Powerscourt Townhouse

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It's suppertime!

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  • December 20 2013 – thisisknit

    Nearly there!

    Here in the Powerscourt Centre, it's a lovely Christmassy day. There's live music from Lyric Opera, there's a happy buzz from the Pepper Pot tables outside the door (the mince pies probably have a lot to do with it), and there's little hand-crafted decorations all over the place. When it comes to yarny gifts, we've got loads we'd like to...

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  • December 16 2011 – thisisknit

    Outside the box

    Choosing a gift for a yarn lover can be fraught. Is he allergic to that fibre? Does she already have the new Alice Starmore book? Is the vibrant purple sock yarn the perfect colour, or will it just make the recipient look ill? We're happy to report that we've found unusual and charming gifts and tokens for yarny people which...

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  • November 22 2011 – thisisknit

    All wrapped up with a bow

    Last Friday, the Christmas lights were switched on in the Powerscourt Centre. It's a bit of a special year here, because the Centre's thirty years old. Over the last couple of weeks, our friends in A Rubanesque have been working astonishing hard decorating every possible surface - there's a Nutcracker theme this year, so there's ballet shoes, boughs and bows...

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