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July 11 2012 – thisisknit

A couple of posts back, we promised you that we'd show you some more of Louisa Harding's new yarns for the coming season. Well, here's two of them: Orielle and Amitola. Orielle is a DK yarn, made from baby alpaca with a whisper of polyester for strength. It comes in a range of pastel and jewel tones, as you can see from the image above and from this lovely sweater: The second yarn, Amitola, is also DK weight. It's a luxurious wool and silk blend, and it's got beautiful long colour changes: What's more, it's got truly impressive yardage: a 50g ball boasts an amazing 230 metres of yarn. We love long colour change yarns - they're so versatile, either used by themselves or combined with each other. They produce finished objects that look complicated to make but are really very very simple. As you can see, both of these yarns work for both accessories and garments, and we're waiting avidly for our first delivery. Rest assured that as soon as they arrive, we'll shout it from the rooftops. And you know, there's lots more new things in the offing to tell you about. The Yarn Tasting's going to be so much fun.


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