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Too Much Yarn? Accessories for the chronically over-stashed...

Too Much Yarn? Accessories for the chronically over-stash...

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Introducing Darnie from Studio Donegal

Introducing Darnie from Studio Donegal

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  • Exclusive Emerald Fibres Project Bags

    May 09 2018 – Nadia Coburn

    Exclusive Emerald Fibres Project Bags

    We are sharing posts from now until May 25th on what you can expect from us at this year's Woollinn festival and I'm particularly excited be sharing today's featured product with you. It has been almost painful keeping quiet about these exclusive project bags! These have been exclusively designed for This is Knit as a collaboration between local artist (and TIK...

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  • Toph in Fibre Co Acadia

    October 03 2017 – Lisa

    Toph in Fibre Co Acadia

    Isn't this hat just a work of art? It's "Toph" from the new Elemental Collection by Woolly Wormhead and when it landed in the shop the other day it got many an "oooh" and an "aaah". Joy recently knit this version from two skeins of the Fibre Co Acadia and she has been simply gushing over the pattern and the...

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  • Vicuña

    August 09 2016 – Holly


    What is Vicuña? Perhaps you're familiar with the word, or maybe you've only heard it in whispers at your local yarn shop, and have just been too afraid to ask. The best way to summarise it? Vicuña is, what we would call in the fibre community, our unicorn. Vicuña is synonymous with Royalty, luxury, and the highest level of exclusivity,...

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  • October 08 2015 – thisisknit

    The Advent of Something Very Special...

    This box of pure fun and delight has taken pride of place on the shop floor recently... It's a preview of a very special product that we are currently accepting pre-orders for: the Opal Advent Calendar 2015! As you would expect, this box has 24 tantalising little windows and each side is adorned with a fun Christmas cartoon. Behind each...

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