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Or rather: getting rid of it. Everyone's got a garment or two, handmade or not, which has pilled sadly and no longer looks its best. Well, we're pretty sure that we've got the answer. It's called The Gleener, and we got a delivery this week. Above you can see a picture of it in use - you simply brush the fabric with it. There's no power leads and no batteries, and here's the results of a small experiment we conducted earlier. We started with a garment made of Louisa Harding Thistle - it's a beautiful garment, but its sleeves were, as you can see, looking a little worse for wear. The Gleener comes with three heads, each appropriate for a different fabric. We chose the medium one and went to work. A few strokes later, it had removed this amount of fluff and pill. When you've brushed off the pills, they clean easily off the head. Here's what we retrieved from it after our gleening: And this is what our sleeve looked like after our few seconds of tender loving care. It's like new. This is the best pill- and fluff-remover we've ever seen. And now that we've seen to all our hand-knit garments, we're starting to think of other things that need a good gleening. There's that lovely pink tweed coat, for instance.... In other words, this is a tool that's not just for your hand-mades - it's for maintaining your entire wardrobe. If you want a demonstration, then you're absolutely welcome to bring in your pilliest garment to the shop and see how the Gleener copes. We're confident you'll be amazed. You see, we were.


  • Siobhan: September 16, 2020
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    I cam back to this post after buying the Gleener to say that it’s brilliant. This morning I have rescued a cardigan that I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear again because it had pilled so badly (inside and out). So, what’s next in my wardrobe…? Thanks!

  • Fiona: September 16, 2020
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    This looks great. Also, I reminisced on the blog today about your old shop, if you’re interested!

  • Jenny: September 16, 2020
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    How did you know I was thinking of getting one of these the other day? Psychic ability is something I admire in my favourite yarn shop.

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