March 30 2013 – thisisknit

In our last post, we promised to show you some more of our latest Coolree Yarns delivery. We're as good as our word, and here's the new laceweight. It's new in a couple of senses: there's beautiful colourways that we haven't seen before, but there's also new bases. One of the best things of working with talented hand-dyers like Coolree's Alex McLeod is seeing how different bases take dye differently. It's like watching alchemy. The image above is the new merino/silk blend: 800 metres of colour-saturated beauty, enough for a large shawl or stole. The other new arrival is a alpaca/silk/cashmere mix, all 600 metres of it, a little more subdued in tone and oh! so soft to the touch. It won't come as as news to you that we've been having a Color Affection Knit-Along for the last couple of months. Over in our dedicated Ravelry thread, there's links to seventy one (seventy one!) projects, with frankly no end in sight. There's at least one person who's on her fourth! We've even got a #CAFKAL hashtag on twitter. So it pleases us very much indeed to tell you of the prize that's being offered at the end of the KAL. Thanks to the generosity of Alex from Coolree (himself a CAFKALer), one of your Color Affections will win this stunning skein of yarn: It's a silk and baby camel blend, and the colourway is called "Emerald". It's simply beautiful, and it could be yours. The KAL is due to end at Worldwide Knit in Public Day in June, so there's plenty of time to join us (or make another, or make several others). Thank you, Alex. Finally, a very happy Easter to you all! Since it's a Bank Holiday weekend, the shop is closed on Sunday March 31st and Monday March 1st, but we'll be open again from 10.30am on Tuesday March 2nd.


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