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October 25 2011 – thisisknit

We've been getting a lot of new tools into the shop recently. There's some new knitting equipment to talk about in time, but today we wanted to talk about crochet kit. We've got standard crochet hooks in a wide range of sizes, of course, but we're particularly excited about some of the other sorts of hooks. First of all, we've got the double ended hooks that are needed for cro-hooking. They're 30cm long with a hook on either end, but since cro-hooking is a variety of Tunisian crochet, you could use just one end if you wanted. We've also got single-ended Tunisian hooks. Tunisian crochet techniques are the basis of AoibheNí's stunning new lace work, so if you fancy trying your hand at it, we've got the equipment for you. We've also got Knitpro interchangeable hooks. These are very clever and versatile things, and even if you don't crochet, they're a useful item for knitters. One end of each interchangeable has a hook as normal, while the other has the screw connection for linking it to a cable. Of course, this is useful if you want a very long and flexible hook (for cro-hooking or Tunisian crochet again, perhaps). But it's tremendously useful for a knitter who needs to pick up a large number of stitches - maybe for the buttonband of a cardigan or for the edging of a shawl. You simply attach the cable to the hook and use the hook for picking up, and when you're ready to knit your new stitches, you can attach a Knitpro knitting needle tip to the other end and merrily knit straight off that end. If you want to give yourself a real crochet treat, or know a crocheter who deserves one, then what about some bling? We've got a deluxe set of Knitpro hooks at the moment... ...with Swarovski crystals set into the handles! They're light and comfortable in the hand (they're made from the same rosewood effect birch as Knitpro deluxe knitting needles), and they're a little bit of crochet luxury. If this has piqued your interest in picking up a hook, we've got both beginners' classes and intermediate classes in our current teaching schedule. Why not learn a new skill or brush up on a old one this winter?

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  • Kristiina: September 16, 2020
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    I cannot even express how gorgeous the Knitpro delux hooks are… All I know is I swoon in their vicinity! :) crochet may well get much more popular with this kind of delicious tools. (you guys are such enablers!! :))

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